Realise Power

Realise Power

Muay Thai is a sport which requires supreme core stength, incredible speed, and true physical power.

Learn Discipline

Learn Discipline

Become a stronger, disciplined, courageous person by taking up a respected discipline such as Muay Thai.

Enjoy Yourself

Enjoy Yourself

Our classes are fun and enjoyable. You'll meet a whole bunch of other disciplined, like-minded people.

Become a Champion

Become a Champion

The more you sweat in training, the less you'll bleed at war. We train champions, and failure is not an option.


Welcome to KAOS Muay Thai

KAOS Muay Thai is a Thai Boxing club based at TIW Combat Academy in Harlow, Essex. Train in a professional and friendly environment with us and discover the fighter in you.

Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing, is the art of eight limbs: two fists, two legs, two knees, two elbows. Training at KAOS, you will learn to use these as weapons, whilst developing your mental and physical strength, and ultimately providing you with the self-defense skills to improve your confidence and all-round well being.

Founded by professional Thai Boxers, Anton and Luke, KAOS Muay Thai educates a technical style which utilises superb physical fitness and conditioning. We teach traditional Muay Thai whilst incorporating techniques from other discipline – K-1, Boxing and Kickboxing – to provide our students with a comprehensive, unmatched martial arts fighting style.

Martial Arts makes a good hobby. Our fitness and conditioning drills are incredibly efficient at burning fat, improving muscular endurance, and helping you develop your mental strength. We’re not going to lie – Thai Boxers are hard as nailsWhether your goal is to lose weight, improve fitness and flexibility, or learn self-defense – Our classes are the most enjoyable and adept solution.

We welcome all levels, genders and ages. Our current students are both male and female, aged 14-50, and range from complete beginners to professional fighters. At KAOS Muay Thai egos are left at the door; We value discipline and respect.

So, If you wish to discover your inner strength, accept this as your official invitation to train with KAOS Muay Thai.


Group Classes – See TIW Combat Academy’s packages – First Class Free
Personal 1-2-1 Training – £25 per hour


Day Time Location Class
Tuesday 7.00pm – 8.00pm TIW Combat Academy Muay Thai (Fitness and Conditioning)
Thursday 7.00pm – 8.00pm TIW Combat Academy Muay Thai (Technique and Sparring)


Do you have a kids class?

All of our classes are currently mixed (men, women and juniors). We do not have a kids class (under 14) at present but please register your interest with us if you have a child interesting in learning Muay Thai and if we have enough interest we will be able to start a separate kids class.

Do I need any equipment?

To begin with, no. On your first few sessions just show up in something comfortable (preferably shorts) and we train on a matted area in bare feet. If you train with us more frequently you will be expected to get your own gloves and skipping rope, and eventually shin guards, mouth guards and groin guards.

I’m unfit/overweight/a complete novice!

No problem. We welcome all and our students possess different goals, including weight loss and getting fit. Furthermore, we can give you all the nutritional advice you need and even a diet plan if necessary. We’re a big fan of My Protein – you should use them for all your health supplements and vitamins to aid your Muay Thai training.

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Find us at TIW Combat Academy

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